Single or Joint Expert Witness

Single or Joint Expert Witness

Where we are instructed at act as an Expert Witness on behalf of Claimants or Defendants within the CPR 35 Protocol, our duty is to assist the Court.

An Expert Witness is an independent role and their duty is to assist the Court by clarifying the relevant issues.

We can act as Single or Joint Expert Witnesses and are familiar with trial procedures, cross examination and Court conduct.

A Single Joint Expert is an expert agreed to by both parties whose role is to assist the court. The benefits of this include reduced costs and increased speed. Of course both parties may not agree to the expert in which case both parties will need to appoint their own expert. This has cost implications and may slow proceedings as both experts may have to give evidence serially, or increasingly together (a process known as ‘hot tubbing’). Additionally where each party appoints an expert, there may have to be expert meetings and joint statements produced thereby addition to costs on the matter.

It is worth remembering that where each party appoints an expert, the expert’s duty remains to the court and is independent and impartial. The expert is not ‘owned’ by their instructing party.

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