In the office mail today we received an unsolicited letter telling us of a ‘legal money hack’ on a mobile and how someone had made £10,233.97 profit a week, now having banked £338,273.22 profit. That’s great news. What’s even better is it’s (apparently) free, but only for a limited time. A link to a copy of the letter is provided below.

This scheme is promoted by Vince Stanzione who appears to have a number of ‘how to beat the market’ and investment advice type websites. He’s also authored some books on similar themes, but does not appear to be registered with the FCA.

We also received some routine correspondence from the FCA, which in the footnotes helpfully gives some reminders on avoiding losing money to dubious schemes. The reminder warns of being contacted out of the blue, fabulous returns for little risk & limited time investments.

We will not be investing with Mr Stanizone, though we are not suggesting he’s anything but genuine, but we note the final line of advice from the FCA: It it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Sound advice.

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